C E D A R   L O R C A   N O R D B Y E
The Mid-South Mural Brigade
The Mid-South Mural Brigade is a collaborative group of artists that creates dynamic murals in Memphis and the surrounding area. The Brigade was formed in 2015 to create a series of collaborative murals for the University of Memphis Fogelman College. The Brigade brings together practices in painting, printmaking and conceptual art to create meaningful, vibrant and complex public artworks to create community dialogue.

The Brigade is currently carrying out murals at The Fogelman College, the Memphis/Shelby Juvenile Court, and the University of Memphis Football Practice Facility and Crosstown Arts.

The Brigade is composed of a changing diverse team of artists and was founded by Nelson Gutierrez and Cedar Nordbye. Gutierrez, born in Bogota, Colombia has a MFA from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, has worked in Washington D.C., Miami, Florida and now lives and works in Memphis where his studio practice focuses on two and three dimensional objects exploring current sociopolitical issues. Nordbye, born in San Francisco, California has a BA from Hampshire College and an MFA from the University of Iowa. Nordbye's studio practice incorporates social practice, performance, installation and printmaking works revolving around themes of dialogue, conflict, and interconnectivity.
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