C E D A R   L O R C A   N O R D B Y E
September 20 Hummer
Subject Three, July, 2005

Parking lot at Davis Kidd Shopping Plaza

Excerpt. Subject is in her mid-twenties, Caucasian, blonde hair, high-heels, scoop-neck dress. She explains that she purchased her Hummer because she is about to try to start a family and wants her child to be safe.

Me: I have an ethical dilemma about SUV’s in general, and not just Hummers. If you drive one with your kids in it, your kids are much less likely to suffer a fatality in an accident. But another person in their car is more likely to suffer a fatality if they collide with a Hummer than a smaller car. So what you trade for your kid’s safety you trade for another kid’s safety.

Hummer Owner 3: So then they should all drive SUV’s. I mean, in my personal life my family will come first. And that’s the way it will be. If I were to have an accident, at least I know that my family will be safe. And if someone else feels the same about their family, then they will probably try to do the same for theirs. But to me, if something is meant to happen, it’s going to, whether you are in a Hummer, a Jeep, a convertible, or a motorcycle. We have motorcycles, so I contradict myself on that.

Me: But the kids won’t ride on the motorcycles.

Hummer Owner 3: No, not if I can help it.

Me: Another thing that I think fuels people’s resentment towards Hummers is the military factor. And that’s one thing that concerns me, that in some of our movies, violence becomes cool, becomes stylish, and if our military vehicles start becoming stylish, maybe that’s another way that we’re slipping and letting the military become cool or pretty.

Hummer Owner 3: Once again, that’s opinion. And everyone’s got one. My thing is—whether you are against war or for war or whatever, it’s going to happen no matter what opinion we have. We’re not the one in control. We can’t stop it. There are so many different groups of people that believe one thing, believe this, believe that, and unless we all get together and believe the same thing, it’s not going to work. We’ll all just sit around with our own opinions. That’ll be it. It’s our opinion.

Me: Do you get together with people, or are you active in politics?

Hummer Owner 3: Not really. I’ll get mad. I’ll make my opinion: I’ll say what I think, and I have no idea what I am talking about. And when I don’t know what I am talking about, I don’t need to be talking about it. I’ve learned to not mention it, not even bring it up. I don’t know. It’s just that, to me, there’s so much dirty stuff in every type of political thing. Obviously there’s a lot of wrong.

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