C E D A R   L O R C A   N O R D B Y E
Goldwell Residency
In-Site Table
Kenneth Haltman and I built this table together and placed it in a hole that we dug that was approximately three feet deep, eight feet long and five feet wide. The table was made with reclaimed wood (the top was made from rafters from a mojave desert motel) and the top was branded with words, "ARGUMENT" "THEORY" "QUESTION" "DEEPLY HELD BELIEF" "IDEA" "CONVICTION," etc. The table was placed in the hole so that people sitting at the table would see the desert with their eye-level at the height of the ground, sort of a lizard's-eye-view. The idea was that by changing the vantage point new ground might be opened up for unconventional conversations, conversations that could be mapped by placing rocks on the words on the table-top.